Here you will learn more about our responsive, flexible and independent way of consulting

M. Egli Consulting provides services for contract review, risk assessment, claims settlement

Range of Services

Contract Review, Site Surveys, Technical Reports, Feasibility Studies, Acting as your Engineer, Recommendations related to Security and Quality Improvements, Investigation of Possibilities to mitigate your Risk or decrease your Costs, Guidance in Case of Loss

Our Clients

Broad range of Companies of all sizes and production profiles from Utilities, Thermal Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants, Manufacturing to Logistics Companies, Hotels, Airlines, Banks, Lenders, Lawyers, Courts, International Organisations, etc.

Our independent Expertise

We exclusively sell our Consultancy services as listed above including selling or placing insurance if so required.


We shall be compensated based on a service level agreed upon and signed prior to commencement of the contract.

Our geographical Preference

Due to our experience gained over the many years world-wide we are competent and willing to service wherever our expertise is demanded. Our reporting is thorough, comprehensive and timely.