Contract Review:

To build & operate an Independent Power Plant the complexity of contracts needs special attention - Power Purchase Agreement, Steam Supply Agreement, Gas Supply Agreement, Facility Agreement, Tolling Agreement, Erection Procurement Construction Contracts must be reviewed carefully. If there is no risk and there is no contractual obligation to insure your project, no insurance is needed and you can better save your money.  

We are doing contract review and advise if all your contracts fit together and if there is a need for insurance and if so what your insurance coverage should be.

Risk Assessment:

Going for a submission to refinance, to insure or to assess your risks for own purposes you need up-dated information, a risk engineering report or a facility study should be available. Sometimes you would like to know more about certain sites and you would like to get an independent opinion. Means you can optimise your procedures, increase your security, your quality if the investigation undertaken would prove that you should do so.  

We do the site survey for you, verify the security and quality standards, investigate the efficiency of your procedures and provide you with recommendations.

Claims Settlement:

In case you suffer any loss or damage we verify causes, assess the extent of damage, negotiate contracts with your suppliers to rebuild/reinstate, control the cost and complete the file for your insurers.

We manage the overall claim, undertake loss survey, place orders for repairs or a replacement, control the procedures, investigate causes, take samples, negotiate with Insurers and contractors, whatever your needs are.

Languages : German, Italian, French and English.

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